Will Romeo Crennel’s Defensive scheme hinder J.J. Watt?


Romeo Crennel in his two head coaching stints, one with the Cleveland Browns and the other with the Kansas City Chiefs, did not enjoy much success.  He is however a well-established defensive coordinator, and has 5 super bowl rings, one as special teams coach, one as defensive line coach and three as a defensive coordinator

The only problem I see with Crennel as the Texans defensive coordinator is that his system relies on the defensive lineman to be more block occupiers than actual attackers. J.J. Watt is a beast at getting to the quarterback but if he is busy holding up blockers so the linebackers can come in and clean up that could seriously hurt his type of play.

Watt is the best defensive player on the Texans team right now, he gets to the quarterback, is a great tackler, and blocks so many  passes at the line they nicknamed him J.J. Swatt.  I don’t know how you can justify using him a pawn to occupy blocks while linebackers clean up.  Watt is playing the final year of his rookie contract I can’t imagine the Texan fans want to see him lose production and sour on the team.

On top of that the Texan linebackers aren’t even very good.  They better plan on bringing in some free agents.  Brooks Reed is inconsistent and Brian Cushing has been on season ending IR two times in two years (granted both were bad luck injuries).  If Cushing can stay healthy all year that will be the single bright spot in the new defensive scheme.

Romeo Crennel does have an impressive resume as a defensive coordinator, maybe his scheme will work great.  Potentially teams will need to double team J.J. Watt which in turn should create more space for the LBs to come in and make plays.  I don’t know how the new defensive scheme will fit Watt, whatever his role is the Texans fans hope the end result is more wins.

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  • Lamarr

    Watt already gets doubled every down… it’ll help things out alot.