Buffalo Bills to play in this years Hall of Fame game


The NFL off-season in my opinion is treacherously long. By the time we get through free agency, the draft, OTA”s and training camp I am so excited for football I will watch two teams I absolutely hate play in just a scrimmage just to get a taste of some football. I anticipate the first preseason game as if it were a playoff game, so fans like myself couldn’t be happier that the Bills will be kicking off the pre-season in the Hall of Fame game this year.

If you think I’m excited now just wait until August, knowing that I will get to watch the Bills play in the first football action of the year instead of two teams I really dont care about is going to have me jacked up. Hell, I’m already jacked up for it and even though its just a preseason game I’m expecting to destroy our opponents the NY Giants come August 3rd.

Playing in the HOF game also awards us an extra pre-season game which could prove to be quite crucial in determining our final roster and better ensuring we will have the right guys out on the field when the season begins. To get an extra game to evaluate players and talent is something this coaching staff will definitely benefit from and will allow the players to better be better prepared for the season.

Both teams will each have a player being inducted into the Hall of Fame as the Giants all time great DE Michael Strahan will join our very own Andre Reed at the ceremonies. Even better for us Bills fans, we are in for a real treat as the legend himself Marv Levy will reprise his role as HOF presenter for Reed.

I woke up today thinking I didn’t have much of any Bills related news to look forward to until the Monday Byrd tagging deadline, so to find out today that we will be playing in the HOF game this year was a very pleasant surprise. I’m already excited for pre-season and we haven’t even had the draft yet. What about the the rest of you Bills fans? Are you as happy about this as I am, or are you thinking ‘great, another game for Manuel to get his smashed to pieces’?

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