Raiders: 5 options for a new Mark Davis haircut


The Oakland Raiders have a lot of problems facing them, but few are as important as fixing the disgraceful haircut of their owner Mark Davis. Despite being a multi-millionaire, Davis is apparently too cheap to hire a professional hair stylist and instead simply places a bowl over his head and cuts it himself.

Since general manager Reggie McKenzie will be busy trying to build a team, I decided to give Mark a little help by making some style suggestions….


But first, a look at the infamous bowl itself….


Without further ado, the top five hair style options for Mark Davis.

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  • Mike

    He does need a new cut, but nonetheless, a dumb, adolescent article and a waste of space.

  • Amy Contizano

    *This* is journalism?? 😛

    • James Arcellana

      Not even close. *This* is the off season LOL

  • raiderarlin

    Ahh, the hell with it. Trade down for more picks and draft a barber.