Top 5: Colts addressing issues for the offseason


As we draw closer to May 8th and the NFL draft, teams look to say goodbye and welcome back to their players.

The Colts should use this offseason to continue the path that they have started since they drafted Andrew Luck. Which is to build around him and his golden arm.

Issue 1

The backfield has had a few changes due to injury, and need to settle on a group to keep and send the rest elsewhere. Two of the contracts up for renewal that the Colts need to resign are Donald Brown and Ahmad Bradshaw. This will give them a well balanced backfield with depth.

Issue 2

As for the offensive line, the Colts need to hold on to Jeff Linkenbach and Mike McGlynn which keeps Luck well protected. Both player will be able to be kept for the minimum and will add depth to the roster, even though both have performed at low levels at times with the Colts.

Issue 3

In order to keep the defense from crowding the box, the Colts will need more depth at receiver. I think they should keep Darius Heyward-Bey as a deep threat, while also looking to the free agency to pick up some more help outside. The free agency has some great talent and the Colts have a chance at stealing high quality receivers such as: Golden Tate, Jeremy Maclin, and Riley Cooper. They could also look to Dexter McCluster to add a dangerous playmaker that is versatile as a receiver, runner, and return specialist.

Issue 3

As far as defense goes,the Colts have contract renewals that they cannot afford to lose. Players like: Vonte Davis, Sergio Brown and Cam Johnson, or they could look to the free agency and try to grab B.J. Raji, Michael Johnson or Brandon Spikes.Whether or not the Colts will look in house to improve the defense or look to add a key veteran, the issue must be addressed.

Issue 5

Another area that needs addressing is the lack of a quality number two quarterback that could go in if Luck goes down. For that, Josh Freeman can fit in nicely and could potentially get him cheap, if the Vikings are willing to let him go.While Matt Hasselbeck provides the key veteran leadership to Luck that he needs, the Colts need a more reliable backup to come in during the chance he may miss significant time due to injury.

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