Top 5: Defensive ends the Minnesota Vikings need to target


With the Minnesota Vikings needing to reboot nearly their entire defense, it is appropriate that we are starting to look at the top defensive linemen in both free agency and the draft. While there are top 10 lists all over, including here, how many of those would fit in with the new regime? So without further ado I give you the top 5 defensive linemen the Vikings NEED to target!

5. Everson Griffen
Don’t get me wrong here. Griffen is one of the keys to the Vikings next season, but being that the Vikings, Griffen would be pretty easy to keep around. Griffen has lots of skills that could make him a great defensive end in the NFL. With his spotty play being mostly due to playing behind Jared Allen, his stats don’t look super impressive. His speed makes him so versatile that the Vikings would have to be out of their minds to let him go.

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