Top 5 first round draft pick combos for the St. Louis Rams


Today, we decided to put together a (fairly) comprehensive graphic of all the options the Rams have in the first round. It’s a bit busy at first, but just start at the top and work your way through each scenario. The feelings at the bottom represent more of a personal opinion regarding each outcome, but you’ll obviously disagree if you’re among the vast minority of people who think the team should go Johnny Manziel/Darqueze Dennard at no. 2 and no. 13, respectively.

Feel free to make your own conclusions, but for today’s Top 5 we’ve ranked our most favorable combination of players the Rams can get with their two first rounders, trade scenarios withheld. First, we’ll start with my flow chart (click to enlarge). Then I lay out my top five scenarios on page two. Enjoy!

2014DraftFlowchart (1)
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