Worst TE Pick…ever


This is going to be a tough one since there are so many choices. Arizona does a terrible job at drafting tight ends and has never found a dominant play maker like a Rob Gronkowski or a Jimmy Graham.

Instead the Cardinals get duds like DC Jefferson who didn’t record a catch in four games and was released by the team last November. Rob Housler scored his first touchdown last season…in his three-year career. Jim Dray has 302 receiving yards in four seasons.

Ben Patrick had four career touchdowns and a four-game suspension for using Adderall in violation of the substance-abuse policy. Here are some other, um, gems.

Jay Yant in 2000: Five games, one catch, four yards.

Terry Samuels in 1994: 20 games, 10 catches, 76 yards

Derek Ware in 1992: 58 games, 24 catches, 240 yards, one touchdown.

John Goode in 1984: 30 games, 3 catches, 23 yards.

Keep in mind those are career stats. The years refer to the year they were picked by Arizona.

So who is the worst one?

We can’t decide so we’ll say pretty much all of them. Few players stand out like a Jay Novacek  or second-round pick in 1980 Doug Marsh (167-2140-19) did. We skipped over the drafted players who didn’t even make it in the league since the talent pool was so thin.

Hopefully this trend changes for the Cardinals. They’re certainly due for a stellar tight end after decades with poor ones.

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