A quick delve into the tight ends that have served the Baltimore Ravens


Many pass-catchers have come and gone from the Baltimore Ravens organization. Some notable names are Todd Heap and Shannon Sharpe. The Ravens have had a significant amount of spectacular tight ends in a small tenure as a franchise, but what are they doing now? Lets take a look.

For starters, the great Todd Heap. The amazing pass-catcher out of Arizona State University is the Ravens all time leader in receiving touchdowns with 41. This alone shows you the force that Heap brought during his tenure with the Ravens. There was even times when Heap made Kyle Boller look good, and that’s saying something. Nowadays Heap is retired and was last seen playing for the Arizona Cardinals back in the 2012 season. Heap will inevitably go down as one of the greatest Ravens tight ends of all time.

Before the Stormin’ Mormon,there was the outspoken Shannon Sharpe and he had made his magic shine in the Baltimore area for a short amount of time. Sharpe played for two years for the Ravens where he helped the offense for their championship run in the 2000 season. Currently, Sharpe is in transition after recently being replaced by Tony Gonzalez for the NFL Today on CBS. Whatever happens, Sharpe will certainly be back on television sooner or later.

Finally, one of my personal favorites, Dennis Pitta. The veteran out of Brigham Young University has not played in the league as long as the previous two, but it is safe to say that Pitta has made his presence felt in Baltimore. Pitta and the Ravens are currently trying to work out a contract that fits both parties. General Manager Ozzie Newsome would rather not use the franchise tag but if need be, he would certainly use it to keep a player of Pitta’s caliber around. The future is bright for this young, rising star.

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