BBQ: Ware Edition


The hot topic this week has been DeMarcus Ware and the status he will have with the Dallas Cowboys.  In recent Cowboys history, there have been big name players on the chopping block for financial reasons.  That is how Emmitt Smith became an Arizona Cardinal and Larry Allen became a San Francisco 49er.  Where will Ware end up?

Shelly from Michigan asks,

With the uncertain future of big #94 uncertain, what will have to happen for Dallas to keep him?

It is quite simple, Ware will have to take one for the team and take a pay cut that he really doesn’t want to take.  Will he do that?  That just depends on his resolve and unwillingness to help the salary cap issue.

Bryan from College Stations wondered,

DeMarcus Ware’ has been a key player for the defense including last year despite being hurt.  Why doesn’t Jerry Jones have the money to keep such a good player?

Another simple question, Jones has been unflappable about giving big money out to players who don’t deserve it.  As much I like Tony Romo, the contract he received during last offseason was excessive and ridiculous.  Now because of silly contracts like his, the Cowboys are going to struggle finding cap money.

Bryan continued to query,

DeMarcus Ware has been slow to heal with his injuries.  Is he really worth keeping?

To many fans that is an easy question, yes!  He is the face of the defense, he has proven he is an elite player but from a coach’s perspective, it is different.  As a coach, you look at how he has kept himself in shape, how fast can he recover from his injuries, what is his foot speed and abilities compared to the past couple of seasons?  Ware has been slow but he also is getting to the point of being considered “old” by NFL standards.  At 31, he is entering his 10th NFL season and by this time in his career he is still considered a starter but he may not play every down.  As years 12-15 start creeping in, he will either be considered a spot player playing in certain packages or a backup.  Either way, Ware is getting to the point that his career will start sliding downhill in production.  It happens to the best of them and there is nothing wrong with it either.  It is the standard progression of an NFL player’s career.

Keep those questions coming and until next week…

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Read more on DeMarcus Ware as Mark Lane explains more about his dilemma.

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