Eric Decker needs to be in blue and white


Bringing Eric Decker to Indianapolis alongside T.Y. Hilton would bring the team back to the old days of Peyton Manning to Marvin Harrison and Manning to Reggie Wayne. With two talented young receivers on the Colts offense, their teams will have to turn their focus off Hilton and spread it around the field.

Decker has had recent sucess in Denver the last two seasons(172 receptions,2,352 yards and 24 touchdowns). Granted, Peyton Manning has been throwing to him. Before Manning arrived in Denver, Decker 50 receptions for 718 yards for 9 touchdowns in two years. These numbers were average at best, but the two years with Manning have turned him into a star receiver.

With Decker being on the roster it will allow Andrew Luck more options in the passing game. Potentially six threats in Dwayne Allen, Colby Fleener, Trent Richardson, Reggie Wayne, and T.Y. Hilton. You can not account for every person with that type of lineup, and who knows, maybe it will allow Richardson to finally get his Colts career underway.

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