Eric Fisher needs to step up his game


If I were to tell you before last season that the Chiefs were going to go from selecting first overall in the NFL draft to the playoffs, you’d probably assume the player they drafted with that pick had something to do with their renaissance. Well… you would be wrong.

The truth is that Eric Fisher, number-one overall pick out of Central Michigan, was pretty much abysmal all year.

Fisher spent all of last season at right tackle, which isn’t his natural position, because Brandon Albert was already established on the blind side. Still, that should have bode well for the Chiefs, as they would have had a successful veteran on one side and a talented youngster on the other. Instead, Fisher showed no indications that he was ready for the big stage.

Over the course of the season, Fisher gave up seven sacks, five hits and 35 hurries. According to Pro Football Focus only two right tackles had a lower overall grade than Fisher did at the end of the year. Likewise, Matt Miller, Bleacher Report’s head NFL Scout, rated Fisher as the 32nd best right tackle in the league, with a grade of 59 out of 100.

As a whole, nothing could have gone worse for Fisher.


Now, as Albert is about to become a hot commodity on the free agent market, it is looking as though Fisher’s move to left tackle is imminent.

Fisher is expected to be competing with Donald Stephenson, a third-round pick entering his third year, for the left tackle job. This offseason is absolutely huge for Fisher. If he ends up losing out to Stephenson, it will be a clear indication that the Kansas City staff has lost faith in Fisher. The first-overall selection was drafted to be the franchise’s anchor on the offensive line. If he can’t prove that he is the best option at left tackle, then something has clearly gone wrong.

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