Former Falcon Tight Ends, where are they now?


Tony Gonzalez:

Tony Gonzalez is the greatest tight end in NFL history. He owns records in nearly every major receiving category for the position. Gonzalez just represented Atlanta in his fourteenth pro bowl in his last season as a professional. Unfortunately, Gonzalez leaves the Falcons the same way he came in, great and without a super bowl. He was stellar during his five year stay in Atlanta. He was a central player in pushing the Franchise to all-time high. You may remember his decision to come back for the 2013 campaign after leaning “95% towards retirement.” Family was a major reason Gonzalez was weary to play one more year. Of course, the season was not as advertised, but he will still be remembered for his all-world talent, production, and attitude. Now, Gonzalez can return to his California home and enjoy the absence of training camp. Gonzalez will still have a day job to keep around the game. For 2014, the well-spoken tight end will be a pre-game analyst for CBS. Gonzalez has also written a diet book and founded a nutrition company, All-Pro Science. Additionally, Gonzalez will likely continue his charity efforts and his lifestyle advice.


Alge Crumpler:

Crumpler was once one of my favorite players. He was one of the elite tight ends in the league. He was a steady target of Mike Vick and made it to 4 pro bowls in Atlanta. Alge was definitely one of the faces of the franchise in his tenure. He helped lead the franchise in its ascension to winning ways. After Atlanta released Crumpler, he played in both Tennessee and New England until finally retiring after 10 solid years in NFL in 2011. Alge will always be associated with the successes of the previous decade from his accolades and high level of play. He is still pretty recognizable in the Atlanta sports scene. Crumpler now works as the co-host of 790 the zone’s morning show The Locker Room. You can hear him weekday mornings from 6-10 on the Atlanta sports talk station.


Jim Mitchell:

Before Crumpler and Gonzalez came along, Mitchell was the premiere tight end for the franchise. He was a drafted in 1969 only a few years after the team’s creation. After 11 seasons with the Falcons, Mitchell established himself as one of the Franchise’s best. The Prairie View A&M product made it to two pro bowls while in Atlanta. After his retirement, Mitchell moved into coaching. He coached at Morris Brown College and Moorehouse College before dying in 2007.

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