Remembering the good old days, T.J. Graham's year, Mayhem Monday and more….


Even though there is next to nothing going on in the NFL right now the writers here at cover32 Bills continue to put out material for us die hard Bills fans to read. With free agency right around the corner we don’t have long until the ball starts rolling and we start seeing our first signs of the 2014 season underway. So until then take a look at the best columns this week offered by the dedicated writers at cover32 and feel free to interact with us in the comments section.

A look at what things were like the last time the Bills made the playoffs (READ)

To buy a jersey or not? (READ)

TJ Graham Poised for a Breakout Season (READ)

Mayhem Monday: We didn’t start the fire (READ)

Will any of the top 10 free agent offensive linemen end up in Buffalo? (READ)

National Columns

– The top-10 free agent offensive linemen. (READ)

– POWER RANKINGS: Rating faces of each franchise from 1-32. (READ)

– The top-10 free agent defensive linemen. (READ)

– Top-10 places to move the Super Bowl if the NFL pulled the plug on Arizona. (READ)

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