Should the Texans trade the first overall pick?


Texans Owner Bob Mcnair has said a few times that the Texans are open to trading the first overall pick, he believes they can still get what the team needs with an ample supply of lower draft picks. So what teams might make the move and what would they be willing to give up?

The Raiders are almost always willing move up and try to get the #1 pick; they are in dire need of a quarterback with Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin not working out the way they hoped.

The only problem is the Raiders don’t have many picks this year to trade and to trade away more of the teams future would be a gutsy move. Al Davis isn’t around anymore and the team seems less willing to make big moves like this. With little to trade and new management I would say the Raiders will stay put and hope Teddy Bridgewater falls to them in the 5th slot.

Jacksonville might be willing to trade up and they have a ton of late round picks (two 4th round picks and three 5th round picks,) they could dangle out there in hopes of a trade with the Texans.

Would they be willing to make the trade to get Manziel or Bortles? Blaine Gabbert hasn’t been effective and needs to be replaced, this could be a team that tries to make a deal on draft day.

The Titans might want to trade up for a shot at a new franchise quarterback; Jake Locker has spent more time on the bench hurt than on the field. The problem with the Titans is they don’t have much in the way of draft picks to trade. They will probably wait and draft a QB in the laterrounds.

Minnesota needs a good QB and showed last season they are desperate to find one, a QB carrousel that saw Matt Cassel, Christian Ponder and a one and done by Josh Freeman. The Vikings have shown willingness to move around in draft order in the past. Minnesota has two 3rd round picks that they could use to trade up.

I am not confident that the Vikings will make a big move and trade up; I think they will stay where they are and try to get the best QB available.

The most interesting and probable trade I could see is with the Browns, it’s no secret that the Browns thought they had RGIII locked up and then found out the Redskins out bid them. This time the Browns won’t be outbid they have ample additional picks this year two first round picks, two third round picks and two fourth round picks.

The only factor that might come into play here, is do the Browns really think someone will take the QB they want before their 1st pick at #4. The Browns won’t want another let down like the RGIII trade that fell through so I could see them going big in a trade with the Texans to ensure they get their Franchise Quarterback this year. We’ll have to wait and see.

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