Bears are not in the market for a linebacker


The Bears announced they will stay in a 4-3 style squashing any hopes of switching to a 3-4 and possibly signing Washington outside linebacker Brian Orkapo.

Jon Bostic, Lance Briggs, Khaseem Greene and now Shea McClellin will compete for the starting roles. Briggs is cemented into weak side linebacker position leaving the other players to battle for the other two spots.

D.J. Williams and James Anderson are both veterans who could return to the Bears. Willams more than Anderson seems like the likely player back. He can still be a solid starter and the team doesn’t really have a middle linebacker in the midst of the young talent they currently have.

The coaching staff is hoping Bostic can be the middle linebacker and McClellin can move to the strong side. What might happen is Bostic and McClellin share time at the strong side and the Bears bring back D.J. Williams.

Either way the Bears won’t look to splurge on another linebacker. They will save the money for the defensive line and secondary. There are some very talented options in free agency including and beyond Brian Orkapo.

If you are curious to see who the top linebackers are going into free agency, check out the list here from our national site.

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