Could the Cowboys be in the market for a Guard or Linebacker?


It seems as though every offseason, the Cowboys bring in a ton of guys to work out who end up making their way on to the roster. However those guys making the team isn’t necessarily a good thing as it usually means an injury somewhere else.

What if the Cowboys instead took a different approach and tried to improve by taking advantage of their nine picks. I have a feeling that is going to be the plan in 2014.

The Cowboys have a severe depth issue and need to rectify that rather quickly. These past few years the Cowboys have been spending a lot of time trying to repair the offensive line could they be in the market for a new Guard. Our staff here put together a list of the top prospects.

Top 10 Guards/ Centers in 2014 Draft


The Cowboys have also made a habit of trying to sign a veteran linebacker the past few years as insurance for Sean Lee and Bruce Carter, could they possibly look to add another?

Top 10 FA Linebackers

Will the Cowboys shake the salary cap blues?

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