Could the Pittsburgh Steelers bolster their o-line through the draft?


The Pittsburgh Steelers have taken their fair share of offensive linemen in recent drafts, but is it enough?

The notables are guard David Decastro and tackle Mike Adams, but let’s just focus on the guards and centers.

Should the Steelers focus on developing them or should they look to any of the players listed in cover32’s official Top 10 Centers and guards coming out in the draft?

I, for one, am under the impression that the Steelers should stick with the line they have and develop them. Nothing works better than an o-line that has many games playing together under their belt.

And remember how the o-line finished last season? Ben hardly touched the ground (but then again, the run-game was pretty stagnant).

The return of Pro Bowler Maurkice Pouncey should really help iron out some wrinkles and despite his injuries recently, I don’t think the Steelers should take center very high in this draft. And the guards seem to be doing alright too.

For once I feel kind of, maybe, I don’t know, okay about the Steelers o-line heading into the season and it’s weird.

Check out cover32’s list of the Top 10 draft eligible centers and guards HERE!

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