Next moves we should hope to see from the Baltimore Ravens


After signing tight end Dennis Pitta to a reported five-year deal, the Ravens continue to march on with a great offseason thus far. The recent signings of both Pitta and Terrell Suggs mean that left tackle Eugene Monroe is the next target for Baltimore to sign. The addition of Monroe last season proved to be a great solution to a daunting problem on the offensive line. With just roughly around $28 million to play with, the Ravens and Monroe are going to need to come to a deal or else the Ravens will have to slap the franchise tag on him and that is something they cannot afford to do, literally. The Ravens are slowly but surely healing the salary cap issues and will continue to do so along the months continue.

Next, in order of priorities, the Ravens then will need to add some talent at the receiver position. Whether the Ravens choose to address that need through free agency or in the draft, the Ravens will get it done. The obvious choice would probably be to acquire some young blood via the draft, especially this year as there is no shortage of great skill players in this year’s crop. With the addition of a talented receiver, the offense has a chance to move in the right direction.

With the addition of a receiver, the Ravens will look to keep some veterans around for the long run, specifically inside linebacker Daryl Smith. Smith had a monster season for the Ravens and shined on every level of play. The only downside to Smith is that he is on the wrong side of 30 and father time catches up with all of us. Despite the age, Smith has proven his worth and the Ravens would be foolish to let a player like that leave. The combination of Suggs and Smith would once again be a great run stopping duo.

The Ravens, along with every other team, are drastically trying to improve their team. The Ravens may not have the money to make a lot of noise but the Ravens are the best at getting talent at a cheap price, and look for this trend to continue.

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