Which free agent linebackers could the Pittsburgh Steelers snatch up?


And now we come to the the position some would argue is the staple of the Pittsburgh Steelers: the linebacker.

So let’s get right to the point and look over cover32’s official Top 10 free agent linebacker list to see if there’s anyone on there who fits the Steelers mould.

Oh, look at No. 2: Jason Worilds. Yeah, the Steelers need to sign him—and quickly.

Not only is he high on the list of top free agent linebackers, but he played very well for the Steelers last season recording eight sacks in 15 games (and that was with sometimes splitting time with Jarvis Jones).

He’s young—next year will be his fifth season in the NFL.

And the Steelers could learn a little from their mistakes by resigning him.

Last offseason, the Steelers let cornerback Keenan Lewis go to New Orleans. Lewis was a young and blossoming corner with a nice skillset. The Steelers chose to keep aging veteran Ike Taylor over him.

So now they are stuck with an unproductive aging player when they could have locked up a younger player for the same or less money than Taylor. And who knows if Taylor is even going to come back next season?

So, why not let fellow LB LaMarr Woodley walk in favor of the younger (and healthier) Jason Worilds? And that pains me and my No. 56 jersey to say, but going younger seems to trump keeping star, aging veterans in the long run.

Just look at the Patriots.

They are never too keen on keeping their older players and they always seem to turn out alright.

It’s time for the Steelers to turn a new leaf and signing Worilds would be just the way to do it.

Oh, and it would make a lovely birthday present:


Who else do you think could wear the black and gold from cover32’s Top 10 free agent LB list? Comment below!

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  • Tony Defeo

    Depending on what you read, it’s either going to be damn-near impossible to sign Worilds because of the woodley contract, or it’s going to be a piece of cake. I don’t know what to believe, but then again, I’ve never understood the salary cap.

  • bob graff

    It now appears that it’s going to be Woodley and Worilds at OLB. not a bad combo but are they paying too much?? This puts our best OLB combo on the field this year. The NFL nowadays is all about business if you want quality and want to keep it you have to pay.