Will the Buffalo Bills draft a top 10 guard or center to protect Manuel?


Buffalo’s offensive line isn’t exactly what you would call terrible but it isn’t great either. Most Bills fans agree that it could use a little improvement and because of that it will be interesting to see if they look to make any upgrades early on in the draft this year. There is going to be some serious talent on the board when the Bills pick 9th overall this year but something the Bills need to seriously think about is the fact that they are putting all of their chips in on a developing quarterback that only played 10 games in his rookie season. The best way to allow him to develop would be to give him as much time as possible to make clear decisions instead of being rushed and crushed much like he was last season. If the Bills are serious about Manuel being their future franchise quarterback then they need to properly invest in his protection, whether through free agency or the draft if they continue to let opposing defenses smash his knees in then there is simply no hope of making the playoffs for another 15 years.

To see cover32’s list of the top 10 guards and centers in the 2014 NFL draft just click HERE and be sure to leave your comments below on how the Bills should approach the draft this year.

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