Dick Dutkus and a loss to the Royals?


Another quiet day for the Bears but a few gaffes got some fans rumbling on twitter. One mistake came from the Bears themselves and the other was a graphic on Comcast Sports after a Chicago Cubs spring training game.


The Bears tweeted out about legendary linebacker Dick Butkus raising awareness for PED use in high schools. The post was fine until the team had his last name “Dutkus.” The Bears deleted the tweet and sent out a new one with the fixed name but the damage was done.


And she wasn’t the only one who caught it of course. Hundreds of people felt the need to correct the team because when you mess up on twitter, everybody will correct you like it’s their job. Another mistake came in the form of a graphic after a Chicago Cubs loss to the Kansas City Royals. Fans tweeted out the picture once they caught it on their TV.

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