Does Buffalo's offensive line need an upgrade


The Buffalo Bills most potent weapon of last season was made almost useless at times due to other positions falling short. This weapons that failed to meet our expectations was the supposed two headed monster backfield of Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller.

Now none of this is due to a lack of talent or heart on the part of Buffalo’s tailbacks. The problem still remains our offensive line. Last year we had the gun but no bullets because of the problems up front that left CJ unfired for most of the year. Looking at where this line fell short I think most would agree that Eric Wood is one of, if not the best Centers in the AFC when he can stay healthy, which he accomplished last year.

At tackle Cordy Glenn had one of the top ten efficiency ratings at his position, so he wasn’t the problem and on the verge of being a pro-bowler himself. So this leaves us our most pressing problem of this unit which are the Guards. Let’s be completely honest, Legursky and Urbik are good back ups and winning teams have guys just like them on the roster to fill in every once and a while, hold their own, and add depth to a fairly injury prone position of interior lineman.

So the question is now, how do we address this problem?

If I have a vote, we should use free agency. Not that there isn’t significant talent in this draft more then worthy of the number 9 pick, but in a draft filled with WR’s and Linebackers galore (both positions we could use) I’d rather us grab CJ Mosley or Sammy Watkins that would electrify the field, and make game changing plays before we grab an offensive lineman.

Looking at free agency, there are a couple of options for interior lineman. Yet, the one that stands out in my mind is 28 year old Geoff Schwartz from Kansas City. Many experts have him rated as the best guard in free agency and (in a pinch) can play tackle.

This monster in the middle along with the other Kansas City lineman helped Jamal Charles slash opposing defenses all year and be a leader in rushing yards and overall yards from scrimmage. But there are other options out there so go check out Buck Stanton’s piece he wrote on the subject of best Offensive lineman (Click Here.) and comment on who, if anyone, we should pick up in free agency or if we should use the draft to correct this problem.

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