Power Rankings: With Branden Albert exit looming, Kansas City Chiefs drop


Moves are starting to be made. With free agency just a week away, NFL teams are deciding which players on their current roster are worth keeping, and which ones can test the waters of the open market.

As a result, some teams have already strengthened themselves, while others have taken a step backwards before the offseason has hardly started. The first dominoes have fallen, setting the stage for what’s to come.

The editors at cover32 have assessed the moves thus far, adjusting their end-of-the-season Power Rankings to reflect the subtle changes to rosters. To see how the league’s 32 teams stack up now, CLICK HERE.

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  • lonnie h.

    No one reads about the Chefs, or even cares about the losers-Chefs, and as proof, your last 7 posts dating back to Feb. have 1 response total. Now 2!

    • Anonymous

      yes we do just because you jump ship from team to team don’t be mad at us

    • DIANE

      Well, apparently you are interested enough to read about Albert…who the hell can read and comment on ALL the networks and blogs and posts and online crap…unless you don’t have a job or a stay at home dad…you probably have no idea what a true fan is.

  • maskdman

    what does the # of posts have to do what’s read . the chiefnation lives ! I see you didn’t mention your team . I am sure your proud .