Twitter Tuesday: Graham headed overseas


A few days after Jimmy Graham’s future in New Orleans was cemented (at least for one more year), Graham boarded a plane and headed to the Middle East as part of the NFL’s week-long USO tour.

Graham tweeted on his way to the airport, expressing pride and excitement:

Graham joins fellow newcomers to the NFL-USO tour program Brandon Fields of the Dolphins and Pierre Garcon of the Redskins.

Graham dedicates himself to the community during the offseason, including playing host to a youth football camp at Tulane University and being an avid supporter of Boys Town Louisiana. He was also featured in a USA Network television program called “NFL Characters Unite”, where he mentored a New Orleans teenager in need.

The NFL and USO have worked together to organize overseas morale-building visits for 48 years, and In 1966 the NFL teamed with the USO and became the first sports organization to send a group of players to Vietnam and other parts of Asia.

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