Twitter Tuesday: Is Glennon The Guy


For today’s Twitter Tuesday. I’m taking your thoughts on Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Mike Glennon on Twitter, while sharing mine.

Mike Glennon, last year’s starter as a rookie, put up impressive numbers and overall, had a quality year after the whole Josh Freeman fiasco; however questions remain if he can be molded into a superstar elite quarterback. With a deep quarterback class in the NFL draft. It’s tempting to dive into.

To start. I like Glennon leading the Bucs for many reasons.

First of all. Glennon deserves another year at the helm. Watch for improvement or regression. He made impressive throws and is very raw. In 2013, he didn’t turn the ball over (9 interceptions to 19 TD’s.) He made dynamic plays on occasion with his big arm and after the way the Freeman situation was handled. He really was a bright spot in an overall stink hole.

If he doesn’t improve. Look at options in 2015. For now, stick with the kid. Give him what he needs and see if he can ball.

Now Tampa Bay has made it clear. Glennon will get his fair shot to lead the Buccaneers into 2014. It may not be with the most confidence though.

The Buccaneers have made it very apparent as well that quarterback could be a possible selection with their 7th overall draft pick, meeting with Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel and other possible selections. Free agent names are being thrown around and with a new regime. You just never know if they want ‘their guy’ and not the leftovers from the previous men in charge.

While it surely could be a bluff and just an attempt to throw other teams off in the draft. They’re clearly not 100 percent on Glennon. That is for sure.

There will be competition at every spot is what new general manager, Jason Licht wants to rely to his team. Which tells me Glennon will have competition, but the job is his to lose.

He has a real shot at leading the team sure. But wouldn’t you fully endorse him if he was ‘your guy?’ Is Tampa Bay giving up on Glennon?

I think the keyword in this whole situation is in that tweet itself above.


The potential is through the roof, but can he deliver? The job is Glennon’s.

It’s also Glennon’s to lose.

Licht ideally would like to bring in a veteran quarterback to tutor and move Glennon along, but also to be the security blanket in case things go south quickly.

What do you think of Mike Glennon at the helm of the 2014 Buccaneers? React and follow along on my Twitter. @RonnieKRadio Send me your comments and thoughts.


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