Twitter Tuesday: Photo of St. Louis Rams’ tight end and school kids is adorable


St. Louis Rams’ tight end Cory Harkey certainly isn’t a fan favorite. That’s by no doing of his own, of course, but when you only have 14 catches in two seasons it’s difficult to attract the attention of the average joe.

Still, there’s no doubt Harkey has potential, as cover32’s Ted Bryant wrote about in January. The (going into his) third year man out of UCLA played a fair amount of fullback for the Rams a season ago — even though he’s listed as a tight end — showing versatility that could be useful in years to come.

Today, though, it’s not about potential, fullback or tight end. It’s about Harkey and one of the best pictures of the offseason so far.

That’s just adorable. Harkey is legitimately double the size of all those kids, and one of about six people looking at the camera. This picture wins today.

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