With few draft needs, 49ers might as well add to one of their strongest position groups


With few immediate needs to address in the upcoming draft, the San Francisco 49ers are the envy of the National Football League.

One of those needs appeared to be at center, as I wrote last week. But the team all but named Daniel Kilgore its center of the future on Thursday by signing the backup through 2017. It doesn’t look like the 49ers are going to bring back free agent Jonathan Goodwin, 35, who has started at center for them the last three seasons.

As solid as the offensive line has been, ESPN analyst Matt Williamson likes the change.

“I know the 49ers like Kilgore and would get him involved in six-offensive lineman sets. He is young and I haven’t been super impressed with Goodwin of late,” he told ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson. “Kilgore is a tough guy, though, that fits their mold in that regard, and is better run-blocking than in protection, which again, fits.”

Although they are set up front, the 49ers still might add to their collection of interior linemen in May, if only because they’re set everywhere else. The 49ers have had a penchant for drafting the best available players in the Baalke-Harbaugh era, and it’s safe to say that has worked out well for them.

Here is cover32’s list of the top 10 centers and guards in this year’s draft.

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