Andrew Luck continues to work on his game


Indianapolis quarterback Andrew Luck has had a lot of success in his first two season in the NFL. Yet he never hesitates to improve. Luck, who has won 22 games and thrown for 46 touchdowns will put more emphasis on details to ensure success in 2014

Players who reach star status Luck has usually are accomplished and have the skill set. Luck has led the Indianapolis Colts to consecutive 11-5 seasons that included playoff appearances.

Luck has a mild temperament that allows him to hide his fire from within. Recently Luck visited with Rich Gannon on Sirius XM NFL Blitz and addressed issues for improvements in 2014. Luck says; “I think footwork just making sure my feet are right and Indianapolis Offensive Coordinator, Pep Hamilton’s big on footwork. Clyde Christensen the quarterback coach for the Indianapolis Colts is big on getting your feet in the right place.” Luck continues to say; “I think that’s where all the throws start making sure your body is in the right position. It gives you a fighting chance.”

Luck continues; “I think we did a better job as an offense of limiting turnovers, especially not throwing interceptions,” said Luck. “That was big for us this year. (My) completion rate went up, that was good. (It’s) nowhere near where it needs to be, but I think on the right track.” Luck continues.

Proving over and over again from his ongoing development with the coaching staff Luck shows that with his feet in the right place, his hands in motion, and his mind in the game he will continue show he is ready to bring more heat to 2014.

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