Is the Dennis Hickey way, the better way in Miami?

It’s hard to count your eggs before they have hatched, but after yesterday’s signing of cornerback two-time Pro Bowler Brent Grimes, GM Dennis Hickey has put his best foot forward for the betterment of the Dolphins.
Frankly, I am impressed with Hickey.  He’s gone from the nervous and green GM during his introductory press conference to the happy go lucky and yet confident know it all GM that swats away the tough questions like a seasoned Florida politician.  He’s appeared on several radio programs locally in South Florida and has come across as down to earth, but yet guarded about revealing too much information.  Nonetheless, Hickey has been quite polite unlike his predecessor.
For one, Dennis Hickey is building the Dolphins with the thought in mind that he has a head coach that has enormously high standards.  The Philbin way of avoiding risky  and outspoken talent, in my mind is something that has kept the Dolphins out of the playoffs the past couple of seasons.  However, the Philbin way, might not be driving Dennis Hickey to hand pick his team of gentlemen or good, strong, and tough minded football players.  Hickey is looking for impact players and leaders.
At this point, yesterday’s re-signing of cornerback Brent Grimes, was that step that as a new GM, Hickey needed to take.  For better or worse, Hickey needed to earn the Dolphins fans trust, players’ trust, and potential free agents trust.  Trust is a key word in the process and the belief that the Dolphins can take care of and reward their players for their play is an integral part of building “winning” synergy in the building that head coach Joe Philbin single handedly seemed to sabotage the past two years.
That despite the fact that head coach Joe Philbin managed to remove all the well-known leaders from the Dolphins locker room, only to have learned that lesson after Bullygate; Dennis Hickey is right there to right the ship and get the Dolphins going in a better direction.
In the near future, look for Hickey to expand on the Philbin philosophy and go for some guys that will be leaders. Look for Hickey to target some guys who are good leaders in the locker room despite questionable pasts elsewhere.
In reality, isn’t the NFL all about getting second chances?  Does Dennis Hickey have the stomach for doing not only what’s right, but also what is necessary?  Despite the character flaws that Aqib Talib had in Tampa Bay (a pick while in Tampa) he got a second chance in New England.   Or even a player like wide receiver Mike Williams who is starved of leadership and guidance, could be a guy that could get that second chance if he is cut.
Dennis Hickey by far, is a breath of fresh air for the Dolphins and let’s see if the winds of change blow them into the playoffs and beyond in 2014.

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