Mailbag: Should the Packers be interested in Brandon Browner?


Brandon Browner was reinstated by the NFL this week. Knowing his off-the-field issues, but taking into consideration his skill set, should the Packers be interested?

–Jay from Chicago

Brandon Browner’s athleticism and skill set can’t be questioned. When he was opposite Richard Sherman the Seahawks were even better in the secondary than what you saw in the playoffs and the Super Bowl, believe it or not. Unfortunately, the issues he has with smoking marijuana and taking other banned substances (whether he has ADD or not) is a big red flag. Knowing the Packers selective persona I can’t see them signing somebody with such character issues and/or flaws. Also, Browner still has to serve a four game┬ásuspension to start the season. With that said, he would look pretty good in a Packers’ uniform, and they could certainly use his talents.


Did you see the picture of Brett Favre that graced the twitter verse yesterday? Holy cow, the guy’s jacked! How’s about a comeback for #4?

–Mike in Milwaukee

I did see that photo. Either somebody is incredibly skilled with photoshop or the ol’ gunslinger has been hitting the weights pretty hard. I’ve heard rumors of a spring outdoor football league set to kick off spring of ’15, maybe he’ll throw on the pads for them.


Any concern with Sam Shields hitting free agency that he won’t be a Packer this season?

–Nancy in Glendora, CA

With the way that Sam Shields played this past season it’s concerning that him and the Packers weren’t able to get a deal done before the deadline. It means his agent believes he can get more money on the open market, and he may be right. The disappointing thing is that the Packers have the money to spend, and Shields is easily the most important free agent to re-sign. Perhaps the Packers have some insight on the market that Shields will be entering, he’ll see what the offers are, and the Packers will be able to beat it. At this point I’m still considering Sam Shields a priority for the Packers.


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