Mailbag: What's next for Graham; which Saint to party with?


In this week’s mailbag, Travis Dauro continues to muddle through the Jimmy Graham situation, and tells you which Saint you should be partying with

1.) How should the Saints deal with the Jimmy Graham contract situation going forward?

The situation surrounding Jimmy Graham has been pretty exciting these past couple of days. Ultimately, it could go quite a few different ways. If a team offers the Saints two first round picks, I personally think they should take the deal in a heartbeat unless a NFC team that is one piece away from a dynasty, such as Seattle or Green Bay, approaches them; at that point they should probably choose to match the offer. Draft picks are extremely powerful these days, so it would be dumb for them to not entertain the idea at the bare minimum. My dream scenario would be for a team such as the Jets to make the offer and the Saints end up getting the 18th pick in the draft as well as the 27th. At that point they would be in the clear to take a top tier secondary player or even try to grab Mike Evans.


2.) Now that Graham’s immediate future is set, what’s the next most important off-season story line in New Orleans?

The Saints’ next offseason move should be trying to retain right tackle Zach Strief and then strengthen the cornerback position. It would be safest to proceed in that order, but they could honestly take care of either one of those before the other. I’m more confident with the current state of the secondary because they will be getting Kenny Vaccaro back and they will still have Keenan Lewis. At right tackle, however, Zach Strief is pretty much all that’s there. They have Bryce Harris, but he is largely unproven.


3.) Which Saints player(s) would you want to party with at Mardi Gras?

The Saints really don’t have a Johnny Manziel or a Rob Gronkowski on their team that is known to be in the party scene, so I can’t be for sure which guy would be the best. With that said, I’m going to cheat and change the criteria to a coach. Rob Ryan would clearly be the guy to choose because several times he has been seen buying rounds at the New Orleans bar called Ms. Mae’s. He seems like a cool, social guy outside of the gridiron so I’m sure being with him during Mardi Gras would be a hell of a time.


4.) What do you think of the Buccaneers new uniforms?

Personally I like the Bucs’ new uniforms. To me getting new uniforms and mixing up the color schemes is good because it’s just another exciting, fresh thing for the players to look forward to. A lot of people seem to dislike them because apparently they look like a lower-league football team’s uniform with the exotic scheme, but I think they look cool. I would like to see the Saints mix up the uniform combinations and schemes here soon.

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