Ndamukong Suh may act as his own agent


Ndamukong Suh is considering being his own agent. This comes as team truly needs to rework his contract to free up salary cap room to enable them to progress into a possible playoff team.

It has been nearly a month since Suh fired his agent, Roosevelt Barnes, despite the fact that he has made more money during the first four years of his career than any other player in history. It has widely been speculated that he would sign with rapper Jay-Z and Roc Nation, though whether that is just for market purposes or contract negotiations is yet to be seen.

Suh is counting 22 million against the Lions salary cap, a number the prohibits them from signing at least one other top flight free agent, maybe two, and in doing so help propel his career from a player with a reputation of playing dirty, to being a leader on a playoff team. Suh seems to be a smart, forward thinking player. If he doesn’t believe the Lions are going to progress, his contract could be a nice cash gain for him, and also his exit out of town next year to greener pastures. Of course, if he believes what he says and that the Lions are ready to win and that he wants to stay here, then he’ll rework his contract.

There’s no reason Suh can’t redo his contract on his own. Ed Reed did it with the Baltimore Ravens as did Justin Smith with the San Francisco 49ers. There is only so much to discuss with general manager Martin Mayhew, Suh deserves to be paid like the most feared defensive lineman in the NFL, which is what he is. He changes the game from a position that normally doesn’t have that impact and he has to be accounted for on every play. His work ethic has never been questioned; his physical condition has been stellar.

There is only one knock against Suh, and that is his perceived dirty play which has cost the team penalties, him money and endorsements and hangs over the tenure of former coach Jim Schwartz like a plague. If he reworks his contract and continues to “clean up” his play, he can continue to restructure his reputation on the field to parallel the good off the field he has done with his charity work and positivity. I hope the Lions are able to hold on to Suh throughout his career, it will be a tough call and it’s going to be a defining moment for Mayhew.

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