Ravens Mailbag: Where are we at this stage of the offseason?


The offseason is finally starting to get a bit of some spark to it and some quality discussion topics are emerging from our audience. Here are a couple that caught my fancy.

Was it a mistake not putting the franchise tag on Eugene Monroe?

Justin – College Park, MD

Yes and no. You can make the argument either way. There is no question that at this point of the offseason Eugene Monroe was and is the priority. As he should be. You must have a stellar lineman on either end of your offensive line. Monroe, statistically, was one of the highest graded tackle in the entire NFL. If Monroe were to go elsewhere it would be a big blow mainly because it will be back to square one for that left tackle position. So not putting the tag on him puts the Ravens at risk of losing him. A big risk.

The reason why Baltimore didn’t tag him is because of the price that would have come with it. Paying over $11 million for a tackle is pretty steep, no matter how much cap space you have, which Baltimore doesn’t. It’s not the end of the world if they do lose him and that money will surely be spent elsewhere at other positions that need it.

I’m personally in favor of the decision Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens brass ultimately made. Time will tell like anything else, but for now, it seems like the smart decision.

It’s early but give us your grade of how the Ravens have dealt with the offseason so far. 

Lacy – Baltimore, MD

Well I already like that we have kept Terrell Suggs and Dennis Pitta in uniform. Last year was tough at this time because of all the big names the Ravens lost for one reason or another. It’s nice to see some beloved players stick around for a bit longer. You have to lose players, you just have to. When Baltimore cut Vonta Leach and Jameel McClain it wasn’t fun but it made sense. There are still many questions that need and will be answered in the months to come. As of today though, how could I not give them an “A”. Keep the great players in uniform and make mandatory cuts where you need to.

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