Sean McGrath deals a blow to Chiefs nation after shaving his beard


Sean McGrath had a good season at tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs last year, but his 26 receptions for 302 yards are not what we all remember about him. No… When it comes to McGrath, it’s all about the beard. A beard so magnificent, it has not one, but two twitter accounts! So, when I tell you I have some bad news, you really might want to sit down. The beard is gone.

Reaction was swift, and the pain was immense.


Fortunately, McGrath has given us all hope.

Clean-shaven, the tight end told, “I tell everyone I gave up last year’s beard because I’m growing a ‘Lombardi Beard.’ It’ll be down kind of along mid-chest level, because I’ll be playing next February.”

McGrath has attempted to sooth the anguish of his fans, explaining that this is all part of the process, but some scars take awhile to heal.

“A lot of people (were), I don’t want to say ‘devastated,’ but it was kind of distraught,” McGrath laughed. “They didn’t like it.”

Now that the deed is done, we can only hope that the next beard comes back stronger and more powerful than ever.

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