Split decision for the best guard the Baltimore Ravens have ever drafted

Marshal Yanda
Marshal Yanda is honored by his peers as excellent.

It’s tough to really try to differentiate as to who the best guard/center the Ravens have ever drafted truly is. We will bend the rules a bit and give you two.


Ben Grubbs

The 29th pick out of the 2007 draft was a big success when he was drafted out of Auburn. Grubbs was a big playmaker coming out of college with great technique and a great work ethic. Grubbs played for the Ravens for five years and was a huge playmaker for a dismal Ravens team during his tenure. During his tenure with the Ravens he started 70 games out of a possible 74, proving just how reliable and hardworking Grubbs was. Now, Grubbs is currently signed with the New Orleans Saints and protecting current quarterback Drew Brees.

Marshal Yanda

The current Raven out of Iowa was drafted in the third round in 2007. Though Yanda is a current Raven, he has proven himself to be one of the top guards in the league consistently for several years now. Yanda is one of, if not the best run blockers in the league, constantly driving his opponents out of the way to create space for the running backs. Yanda was born a Raven and the organization plans to keep it that for the remainder of his career. The Ravens would be smart to not let a player of his caliber go.


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