Will the Seahawks bring Big Red, Brandon Browner back?


Welcome to our Wednesday 12th man mailbag. This week we’re talking about the possibility of bringing back some of the players who have been cut by the Seahawks. There’s no feeling quite like bringing back a fan favorite – if you recall the fans were ecstatic when Michael Robinson was brought back midway through the 2014 season. Marshawn Lynch was practically in tears. Let’s discuss who might or might not be back in Seattle.

Leia, Renton WA:

I’m so pissed that Red Bryant got released. Why wouldn’t they bring him back?

Hi Leia, understandable feeling. Bryant earned a place in Seattle’s heart through six years of hard work and a bunch of blocked field goals. Apparently he’s also the one that came up with the “we all we got, we all we need” chant. Pete Carroll actually spoke about this a couple days ago at the NFL Films season movie premier. He told the Seattle Times that the team “maybe” would bring Bryant and Rice back, but we’d have to wait and see.

Bryant was due to make a $3 million bonus if he was still on the roster this time next week, no matter what was going on and another 1.5 million during the 2014 season. That’s a lot of money to give someone who’s suddenly become a bit of an afterthought on a stupendous defensive line featuring Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril.

If Bryant is going to come back to the Seahawks it would be at a substantially lower price. For a guy who’s only missed one game over the last three seasons and isn’t 30 years old yet that’s a tough pill to swallow. Bryant can probably earn more on the open market with another team that needs help on defense. I would be surprised if we see him back in Seattle next season, but you never know.

As far as Sidney Rice goes, it’s just not going to happen. While the Seahawks do need a big receiver they’ve already gotten Chris Matthews from the Blue Bombers and this year’s draft is stocked with giant young wideouts. It simply makes no sense to pay a veteran like Rice who has a history of injury problems.

Jim, Idaho:

Do you see the ‘Hawks bringing Brandon Browner back?

This is an interesting one. Before all this mess with the marijuana and the suspension and the appeal and the denial and the lawsuit and the reinstatement, Browner was probably going to get a raise. In 2013 he only counted for 773,000 against the salary cap. We know that he can hit, we know that he’s certainly worth more than that, but he’s not been his best ally.

Even though he’s been reinstated Browner will have to serve at least a four game suspension for testing positive for pot again. That shaves off at least 25 percent of his value to whatever team decides to sign him for next season. The drug test history is also going to weigh heavily against him. In my opinion it’s overblown as some of the greatest athletes in the world are marijuana “addicts”, but facts are facts and NFL teams aren’t going to look kindly on Browner’s past. The Miami Dolphins are still smarting over Ricky Williams’ decision to sit out 2004 to go play hippy in the woods while in the prime of his career.

Browner will test the market and probably be disappointed by the offers that he gets given his talent. I think there’s a good chance the Seahawks bring him back on a one year deal, maybe in the million dollar range, as a sort of prove-yourself-again thing. But he’ll have a hard time getting on the field. Byron Maxwell earned the starting spot in his absence, so unless another corner goes down with an injury he’ll be riding the bench.

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