Green Bay Packers lack of cheerleaders disqualifies them from latest top-10 list


Not every team has them, which is one of the biggest head-scratchers in football. Why wouldn’t a franchise want to have cheerleaders on the sidelines during games? It’s part of a the atmosphere that has helped make football America’s newest pastime, re-creating on high school, college and NFL fields across the country every weekend in the fall.

Yet, some teams stubbornly miss the boat. They refuse to get with the program and add a little eye candy to the in-game festivities.

Thankfully, plenty of NFL teams are on board; they understand that cheerleaders are part of the pageantry that makes football so grand. And they’ve raised the art form to a new level.

The squads roaming the sidelines at NFL games aren’t anything like the women who were there in the 1970s. It’s a whole new age, where an MTV generation has infused cheerleading with highly choreographed dance routines.

And it’s spectacular.

Some do it better than others, however, as some teams have fully embraced the modern-age of cheerleading. With that in mind, cover32’s Buck Stanton ranked the 10 best squads in the NFL, and even if the Green Bay Packers lack of official cheerleaders made them ineligible, the videos alone on this list are worth your time. To check it out, click here.

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