Jaguars don’t need to take a QB with the third overall pick


It almost seems that for the past 10 years or so, the Jaguars have been searching for their next Mark Brunell. Brunell is unanimously the best quarterback in team history, leading the franchise to the playoffs in four (’96-’99) of the team’s first five years of existence.

This makes the Jaguars the first team ever in NFL history to accomplish this feat.

Brunell also took the team to two AFC Championship games (’96,’99) unfortunately being ousted both times by the Patriots and then the Titans. While Brunell did make the Pro Bowl in 2000, the turn of the century seemed to bring darker days for the team. Brunell lasted only three games into the ’03 season before being replaced at halftime by rookie quarterback Byron Leftwich. This was the start to a promising new era for all Jaguar fans until years in and only two playoff appearances in 11 seasons–leaving the franchise back at square one.

A franchise that is seemingly starting over has a lot of questions to answer, starting with the draft. The major question being asked is will the Jaguars go for a quarterback or will they go an alternate route?

The QB route would go like something as follows:

1. If the Texans take South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, leaving the top three at quarterback on the board, the Jaguars should take whomever they value highest.

2. If the Texans take any one of the top three quarterbacks, the Jaguars should take which ever one out of the remaining two that are left, whom they value most.

That appears to be possibly the easiest scenario we could see on draft night. While this is true, there are plenty more angles from which the Jags could attack this draft. Lets take a look at a few reasons and scenarios as to why the Jacksonville Jaguars don’t need to go QB in the first round.

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  • Long D. Langston

    In the past 4-5 months Tajh Boyd has seen his draft stock sink as a result of a couple bad games. I could see the Jaguars having him sit under Henne for a year or two to work on his overall accuracy which I believe is his greatest weakness. A second round pick though for damn sure because of Bortles, Bridgewater, etc…
    Great article with good insight though:)

  • Drew Booher

    This Justin kid seems to know a lot about the jags… #replacedavidcaldwell #gm2020

  • Davis

    The Jaguars options aren’t just dependent on what the Texas do; what are the Rams gonna do? Jags are picking third afterall.

    • Justin Lemminn

      Of course man. I just didnt wanna go into all the trades and what not but I agree with you…the rams shouldnt be picking 2nd…they may fall back to 5th and take Greg Robinson before the Falcons would seemingly take Matthews. Good stuff man.

  • Jacob Yurdakul

    The more I think about taking Sammy Watkins in the first round the more sense it makes to me. The Jags have obvious needs at QB and pass rusher. However due to the deep nature of this years draft class, the Jaguars can hit on solid talent at those spots later in the draft. Getting someone like Sammy Watkins can bring a whole new dimension to and offense. In terms of Justin Blackmon it would be a win-win as well. If Blackmon does not return then we now have Sammy Watkins to take over the #1 WR position and could still have Shorts, Sanders, and Brown to complement him. On the other hand if we drafted Watkins and Blackmon returned, then it seems like we could have a very dangerous duo on offense that could be comparable to Atlanta’s duo of Julio Jones and Roddy White.

  • Dan Harrison

    Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback. Although I agree that we need pass rushers, they won’t matter without points on the board