More join the "Raiders not ready for a young QB" club


Former Oakland Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon is not a fan of the Raiders drafting Johnny Manziel, or apparently any quarterback that would be expected to start right away. During an interview last month, Gannon stated that the Raiders were not ready to have a young quarterback come in and succeed. The comment was in the frame of a question about Johnny Football but could be applied to any quarterback the Raiders would take with the number five pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

On Wednesday, NFL Media Analyst Bucky Brooks jumped on Gannon’s coat tails explaining why he was right. Brooks noted the same idea as Gannon while using Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson as an example. When he was asked to take the lead of a team as a rookie, that team was a very good one. It had a dominant defense and great running back as well as a lot of other key players on offense.

The Raiders do not have a number one receiver and while their tight ends are talented, they are also young and very inexperienced. The Offensive line needs a ton of work and the running back position is one huge question mark. Throwing a young quarterback into that mix would be a terrible bad idea.

But there is a problem with that logic.

The Raiders have the most cap space of any team in free agency and can also build through the draft. To assume the Raiders roster will be as bad as it was this past season is to assume that general manager Reggie McKenzie is going to absolutely fumble this off season.

I am not a fan of any quarterback potentially available at number five, but not for the same reason as Gannon and Brooks. I think the Raiders will do a lot to solidify the offense for whoever plays quarterback next season. I simply think there are better football players available and that the value of quarterbacks is artificially inflated in the draft due to the importance of the position.

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