Is Lamarr Houston sending the Raiders messages on Twitter?


The Oakland Raiders and Lamarr Houston have not been able to reach a new contract as the defensive end prepares to enter free agency for the first time in his NFL career. This is not very surprising since Houston has made it clear he wants to be paid like a top five defensive end and the Raiders do not appear to agree on his value.

When general manager Reggie McKenzie decided not to use the franchise tag on Houston, he all but guaranteed that Houston would not be wearing Silver and Black next season. The fact of the matter is, while Houston is a very good defensive end, the top salaries at that position go to pass rushing specialists, something Houston is not.

Does Houston deserve a good contract? Yes. A massive contract of $10+ a year? No. But the reality is, if he hits the free agent market, he will likely find someone who is willing to over pay. Given that fact, it is not surprising the two camps appear to be at odds over the value of Houston’s play. But at the end of the day, everyone understand that this is just business and both sides are simply looking out for their own best interests.

Or do they?

Houston took to Twitter this week with a couple of tweets that were head scratchers. Someone brought the first to my attention but I brushed it off as most likely not being about the Raiders:

Even though the Raiders are dealing with an inexperienced owner, general manager and head coach, there just wasn’t enough information in the tweet to jump to the conclusion that it was a passive aggressive shot at the Raiders.

But then he kept on tweeting….

Again, these tweets are pretty cryptic, but one cannot help but wonder if they are related to the contract negotiations with the Raiders. After all, the timing couldn’t be more coincidental if it’s not about the Raiders. Saturday March 8th is when other teams can talk with Houston’s agent and Tuesday the 11th at 4:00 p.m. EST is when he can sign with other teams. That makes these next two days the most intense if the two sides are still trying to work out a deal.

IF these tweets are about the Raiders, it is a pretty good sign that the negotiations have hit a wall and Houston will not be back in Oakland next season.


Thanks to @805raider for pointing out that Houston has also been active on Instagram with more posts that could easily be construed as Houston continuing to complain about the situation in Oakland. More and more looking like a guy the team might not want back anyway…

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  • 805Raider

    You didn’t include his Instagram post – THE most telling of all:

  • Al Davis

    This site is shit and Houston is a dumb fuck

  • Fredrick Lujan

    Wow REALLY !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Walk then. I can’t believe I believed in you. I know you have to look out for yourself and your agent….but what about th eRAIDERS and Al Davis? You proclaimed yourself a Raider throughout your career.You want the organization to overpay becouse you know they have the money? Well then that is extortion and I hope tou leave. 99 jersy thrown away. Lets bring in Bennett. Im more disappointed in me for believe ing in you Lamar Houston.

  • Joe Lewis

    First the dude is right. McKenzie is being arrogant about how he is handling the off-season. As far as the tweets, I don’t agree with them. He needs to shut up and the Raiders need to go out and show all the FA’s that this is a different team from when AL ran them. Take care of our own, then sign key FA’s from other teams and draft well. That will change the culture. Then we need to put this guy where he belongs at the 3 technique and sign Lindale Joseph from the Giants. The Raiders need to stop playing guys where they think they’re best, and put them where we know they’re best. Just my opinion.

  • Jordan

    Why would Reggie pay Houston top dollar when he’s simply our best defensive player… which isn’t saying a lot. He wasn’t generating double teams and didn’t have many sacks in his contract year… I don’t see how that’s arrogance…
    Sounds like young Lamar is being a little arrogant while unexperienced to me…

    Let’s see, sign an actually TOP DE in free agency or pay Houston just as much to keep him on the same team? No brainer to me, and I’m not a GM

  • Michael

    I would just sign and trade him at draft to me 6 sacks is weak and he don’t get double teamed.Glad to see veldheer signed to five years 23 mil I hope we snag Watkins or trade down for pick if he gone

  • Erik

    4 and 12 not one but two seasons in a row….. let that sink in. As a Raider fan (over 40 years) I want to see us succeed, I want the rebuild to continue and I want to see us in the playoffs or better but not by caving in to players demanding more than they are worth. Houston is a great player, but not top 5 in the NFL great.. If he is so loyal to the Raiders, he would be willing to accept a fair contract to help with the re-build and not let agents fluff him into believing that he is worth more than that. Time will tell