Why haven’t the Denver Broncos extended John Fox? Something could be brewing

Credit: Chris Humphreys, USA TODAY Sports

On January 20, Mike Klis of The Denver Post tweeted the following about Denver Broncos head coach John Fox.

His words, not mine: “John Fox to get extension.” Something so certain, apparently, it was to be grouped in with an injury update and a bit on the success of the kicker.

And who are we to question? Klis is good. Very good. If Broncos news breaks, he usually has it first.

January 20 was a Monday; the day after the Broncos 26-16 win against the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game to send them to the Super Bowl.

January 20 was 45 days ago.

January 20, a day in which a feeling of euphoria was still fresh with Broncos fans all around the world, was a long time ago.

And Fox still doesn’t have an extension.

Klis, and the three other Post writers who collaborated on the piece, did note that the extension likely wouldn’t happen until after the Super Bowl. But, they wrote this bit of interesting info as well:

The four-year contract Fox initially signed with the Broncos expires after the 2014 season. No coach with three consecutive AFC West titles, three consecutive elite eight finishes and a Super Bowl appearance will be put in a “lame-duck” position.

Well, as of this moment, John Fox in his current situation is exactly that. A lame-duck.

Jack Del Rio, the Broncos defensive coordinator, got his extension. John Elway, got his as well, along with the fancy new title of general manager. The Broncos even released Champ Bailey last night.

Wouldn’t one think if an extension was “all but guaranteed,” as written by Klis and Co. on January 20, it’d be done by now? Am I the only one who finds it odd a coach below Fox was locked down before he was? That Elway made sure he himself got paid beforehand too? That the team released a 10-year veteran without figuring out their head coaching situation first?

Something could be up.

There was the curious choice by Fox to move the Broncos from their team hotel the night before the Super Bowl. A decision that was blasted by national media as being both perplexing and foolish.

There was the tense press conference between Elway and Fox just days after the ultra-embarrassing loss to the Seahawks where the football coach seemed content to just rip off cliches before the boss man finally had enough, interrupting him and taking over the show.

And then, of course, there’s the 43-8 thrashing in the Super Bowl where the Broncos looked thoroughly unprepared from the very first snap. Fox turned down simulated noise during the practices leading up to the big game, showing a complete lack of awareness that a stadium with 80,000 fans could possibly be very loud.

Maybe Fox gets extended tomorrow. Maybe he doesn’t. But, considering it’s March 6, nearly five weeks since the meltdown in The Big Apple — Denver fans should just at least consider that all might not be well at Dove Valley with ol’ Foxy and the team.

Everything’s not all but guaranteed.

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  • dotcomdenver

    Why hasn’t John Fox’ contract been extended? Maybe because he’s A MORON! He has been riding on the coat tails of Elway, Manning and Del Rio for two seasons. I give him full blame for the humiliating loss at Superbowl!

  • gottadobetter

    I questioned Denver picking John Fox in the first place. When Elway started putting this elite team together he did not factor in one key element. John Fox’s decision making down the stretch. Look what happen in 2013 against Baltimore. Denver had that game won and Fox had Manning take a knee and they lost. This year with the decision making moving from the team hotel. Look at how he coached the most embarrassing Super Bowl I’ve ever seen. He has a defeatist coaching mentality when he gets behind and his coaching decisions get worse when he feels the pressure. In Del Rio’s case you could see his lack of coaching skills through out the season and I questioned why they hired him but that’s another story and why was he resigned the Super Bowl was on his watch also. Myself I think the chances are running out so the decisions made now could be a mile high or a mile low. Go Bronco’s

  • lupo71997

    Maybe Fox can “take it one game at a time” or ‘focus on the task ahead of him” or some other lame cliche, he is worthless and not a winner and has not had an original thought in his life. Why is still our coach as we now have less than a 2 year window to win it all?

  • Jared

    I personally never liked Fox even when he was in Carolina. I wanted Denver to get anyone else but Fox. I completely agree with dotcomdenver about laying blame at Fox’s feet. The only other coach that was that bad in a super bowl was Dan Reeves. We need a new coach now not later. I guarantee that when Manning retires Denver will be hanging out in the cellar of the AFC with Fox at the helm. He needs to retire himself.