4 Seahawks jerseys among the top 10 best sellers


This next item may have something to do with the Seahawks winning the Super bowl.

Speaking of which, remember that time that the Seahawks beat the Broncos in the Super bowl by 35 points? I know, right?



Anyway, now that they are on top of the world everyone wants to be a part of the Seahawks family. According to a report at ESPN, four Seahawks jerseys are now on the NFL’s list of the top ten best sellers in the league.

Coming in at number six is Richard Sherman, the best corner in the game and the only defensive player on the list. Next up at number five is Marshawn Lynch, who dresses however the hell he pleases.

The newcomer to the list is the 12th fan jersey, which ranked third overall.



And at number one on the list is the handsomest man on the planet, quarterback Russell Wilson, who looks good in everything.

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