Chris Long wants the St. Louis Rams to draft Rob Ford


This would certainly be an unorthodox selection, but Rams defensive end Chris Long is on record saying the Rams should select Toronto mayor Rob Ford with the no. 2 overall selection in this year’s draft.


Let’s go ahead and break down Mayor Ford’s scouting report while we’re here.

Player: Rob Ford

Height and Weight: 5’10, 330 pounds

Age: 44 years old

Position: ???

Positives: Good tackling form

Negatives: Smokes crack, seems to be severely out of shape, about double the age of the average NFL rookie. Also, this:

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  • dan4rams

    He’s a stud. He should really hang out with the Cheerleaders though. He’s better suited, for trying to woo women off their feet. He’s naturally funny too..

  • Spencer Engel

    True, but he’s already got plenty to eat at home, remember?