Kyle Turley still living the rock & roll lifestyle


Kyle Turley’s career in New Orleans is perhaps most well known for this incident towards the end of a game against the Jets in 2001:

Turley ripped off the helmet of Jets’ defender Damien Robinson and proceeded to toss it across the field (earning a tossing of his own via the referees).

When actually participating in football-related activities Turley played both guard and tackle for the Saints, and although he was never the best at his position he brought some passion and attitude that is desperately needed along the offensive line.

With tattoos up his arm and the long locks Turley always subscribed to an alternative lifestyle, which is evident by his life after football.

He moved to Nashville to pursue a country music career and started a recording company eloquently titled ‘Gridiron Records’. He describes his music as ‘power country’, with influences like Pantera and Slayer as well as Johnny Cash and Hank III.

His debut album ‘Anger Management’ received critical praise and even earned him a spot on iTunes top 200 country album’s list in 2010. What’s more, part of the proceeds from his album are donated to the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, a non-profit dedicated to assisting retired NFL players.

In addition to financially assisting NFL retirees Turley has been a participant in the movement of ex-players attempting to overhaul the NFL’s treatment of concussions and overall player health. Due to concussions he received while playing Turley has a seizure disorder, and he was also a participant in an ESPN endeavor to look into prescription pain pill abuse in the NFL.

Turley was always a bit ‘Rock & Roll’, and his post-football life proves that. But despite his brash and sometimes off-putting exterior, he always tends to have his heart in the right place.

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