M.D. Jennings is the worst thing… ever


“I’m not being that belligerent,” I exclaimed as I was removed from the bar. This is MD Jennings’ fault as far as I’m concerned!”

It was a Monday night – that’s pretty much all I can tell you. I don’t remember much from that night aside from the taste of defeat and bourbon but I remember having just three thoughts:

1.) Who is this Jennings dude and why won’t he get out of my life?
2.) Where are my nachos?
3.) MD probably stands for Monumental Disaster.

Using my vision I can tell that MD Jennings is a train wreck. I decided though that if I am going to inform the interwebs of how he is the worst thing since – ever – then I would have to statistically backup my argument. I learned that MD Jennings’ stats are so bad that while looking at them on the internet I actually was more interested in the ads on the side of the screen.

My weight loss pills should be here in the next seven to ten days.

I also learned that last season Monumental Disaster allowed 16 completions out of the 18 times he was targeted. Considering the highest completion percentage in NFL history is 71.23 percent, Jennings’ 89 percent completion rate against him is actually impressive. Also, considering he didn’t have an interception or pass defensed all year, that means the two that were not complete were not because he played good defense but instead because the opposing quarterback just couldn’t complete it, or the receiver dropped the ball. It’s good to know our defense could have been equally as effective with ten men on the field.

I’m pretty sure Morgan Burnett cut his dreads just so he wouldn’t be mistaken for MD Jennings.

MD Jennings was once a guy we were hoping could replace the best safety in Packers history, and now he’s just the first player I cut in Madden. Hopefully the Packers follow suit.

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