Was Keith Bulluck wrong for calling Chris Johnson a ‘me’ person?


Aside from quarterback Steve McNair, Keith Bulluck might very well be the face of the Tennessee franchise, playing for the Titans over the majority of his tenured career.

So when it comes to voicing his opinion on the state of the team, we should take notice.

On Midday 180, with ESPN.com’s Paul Kuharsky, Bulluck fired shots at his so-called friend, running back Chris Johnson.

He’s a friend of mine but when it comes to athlete, he’s a ‘me’ person. He’s a ‘me’ person when it comes to the athlete. For the years that he’s been there, it’s never been his fault why he didn’t have a good running game or why he didn’t have a good game. It was always somebody else’s fault.

While Bulluck came out and called it like it is, he didn’t delve as deep as one might expect.

Not only does Johnson play the blame game, he also attaches himself to the spotlight, setting lofty expectations and straying away from the team concept.

In 2010-11, Johnson talked about rushing for 2,500 yards a year after breaking the 2,000-yard mark as his team fell to 8-8 a year after hosting a playoff game with a 13-3 record.

He dialed things back a bit in 2011-12 after a 6-10 season, claiming playoffs and 2,000 yards rushing were his expectations.

Johnson proceeded to step right back into the spotlight, insisting that he could break the single-season rush record and lead the league in rushing through 2013.

Three years of all talk and solid production have left Johnson on the outs with new head coach Ken Whisenhunt and the Titans organization.

He’s overpaid and when the option has presented itself for him to earn less money and help the team build from a fringe playoff team, Johnson has chosen to look the other way.

CJ2K can only prove Bulluck’s sentiment correct if he allows Tennessee to cut him without offering to take a pay cut.

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