Miami reaches out to Oakland Raiders LT Jared Veldheer


The Oakland Raiders may very well need to say goodbye to left tackle Jared Veldheer. Only a few days ago, there were rumors that Veldheer was on the verge of re-signing with the team that drafted him. Those rumors were soon debunked and now things are looking more and more like the Raiders may have to start looking for a new left tackle.

The Raiders have said that they will not overspend, but before free agency has even begun, it is already appearing as though a lot of guys will price themselves out of what general manager Reggie McKenzie is looking to pay. With an increase in cap space and a new minimum spending requirement, teams are breaking the banks and free agents all over the league are receiving big time contracts.

Now, with reports that the Miami Dolphins (last season’s big spenders) have reached out to Veldheer, things may begin to look grim for the Raiders chances of re-signing him. After all, it was the Dolphins who overpaid Philip Wheeler last season, luring him away from the Raiders with an absurdly large contract.

The Dolphins are also reportedly interested in Eugene Monroe and Branden Albert. But since those are the top two left tackles in free agency, Veldheer may be a more attractive option for many teams who want an upgrade at tackle but will not break the bank for either of those two.

If so, the Raiders could find themselves with yet another major hole on their roster this off season.


It now looks like the Arizona Cardinals have also begun to court the young Raiders left tackle.

The interest from other teams is not surprising. And it could work either way for the Raiders. If these teams do not offer a boat load, Veldheer may very well decide Oakland is the best place for him and accept whatever deal is on the table. On the other hand, all of the attention may drive him to believe he is worth the bitter pay day.

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    reggie mckenzie is the dumbest mutherfucker in the world, he’s slow, deliberate and i suspect has know clue how to negotiate. i think mark davis got some bad advice and hired a scout for a GM.

  • Nick

    As a life long member of Raider nation I have been loyal and will always continue to stick with my Raiders,……but I must tell you this move to keep these guy’s has really made me uncomfortable to say the least. My biggest fear was knowing how pivotal this year will be for our great franchise,….and keeping these guy’s after the decisions they have made really has me worried! Let’s face it,….this year will either help us tremendously or crush us beyond belief. Now that LM and JV might get away due to Reggie’s complete stupidity makes things even more grim. I am not feeling great about our upcoming draft or the decisions Reggie and (DA) the confused one will be making. Our Raider family has been waiting for a very long time defending our franchise and players,…..this is truly sad!! I just wish we could start to at least head into the right direction,….certainly no where convinced!