Report: Oakland Raiders to sign OT Rodger Saffold?


The Oakland Raiders may have pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. There is a report that the Raiders are talking with Eugene Monroe, Rodger Saffold and other unnamed tackles.

With Jared Veldheer not signing before the beginning of the legal tampering period began, many fretted that the Raiders may not have taken re-signing him seriously enough. This led to a fear among many in Raider Nation that the team could field a group of scrubs on the offensive line again this season.

But McKenzie is not the only one looking for greener pastures. While Veldheer talks with other teams, he could find himself without an offer in Oakland anymore. Eugene Monroe would be an upgrade over Veldheer and Saffold would be comparable or a little bit of a downgrade.

There is clearly nothing set in stone yet as signings cannot be completed until Tuesday, but there is already a report from the Baltimore Sun that the Raiders may be close to signing Saffold to a deal that would pay him around $8 million a year. Many believe he would be a better right tackle or guard than left tackle, but at that price tag I would imagine McKenzie sees him as a left tackle.

The more interesting note in that report is the fact that it has Jared Veldheer going to the Arizona Cardinals, for less money than Saffold. If true, that would be both confusing and a bad sign for the Raiders. Saffold certainly would not be an upgrade.

Things are getting interesting Raider Nation.


Ok, not really an update. Just something I felt the need to say. Let’s all remember that this is all rumor at this point. And most likely a rumor started by a player agent. Keep that in mind.

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    Again, Reggie is the dumbest mutherfucker alive if he pays 8 million for an oft injured Guard to replace Veldheer. Was he sent to Oakland to ensure we would never improve, i mean 8 wins per season then he and the john deere tractor guy show up and average 4 wins and now he is actively trying to make this team worse…get a clue Mark Davis, fire your boy before it’s too late.

    p/s FUCK YOU ron wolf and FUCK YOU john madden.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously dude go back to the wood shed and shoot yourself……..



    that’s all i heard.

  • travis

    I doubt we resign our guys or get any ” building blocks”, sad days ahead for our raiders.

  • Travis King

    You know i have questioned McKenzie’s motives. It appears he was and is dead set of getting rid of all and anyone Al drafted or signed. He has let go some that deserve it. But Velheer and Houston is just flat stupid on his part. Jared and Lamar are Raiders. I do not understand this regime or where our team is going. But, I will bet you at the end of this up coming season they are gone. Mark Davis needs to step in and say enough is enough, get Velheer and Houston signed!!!

  • Travis King


  • jack

    I must admit , even as a Mckenzie supporter, I’m confused by this move. Unless we sign Monroe, letting Velheer walk is dumb. My thinking it Reggie is going to try to fill as many holes he can thru free agency and the rest thru the draft?

  • Dave

    If Reggie really had a brain, they would have kept him in Green Bay. It’s amazing how Davis Jr. jumps right on someone else’s bench players.