Free agency is a comin’ and the Baltimore Ravens may make noise with this FA list


Free agency is about to boom! Normally this is a period of the offseason that the Ravens remain fairly quiet and for fans it’s usually uninteresting. This year may be a bit different. Ozzie Newsome & Co. actually have some money to spend – fifth most in the league as a matter of fact. I still can’t imagine the Ravens make huge splashes, but I do expect something along the lines of an Anquan Boldin type-signing.

Now while there are some BIG NAMES out there, it’s important to remember none of them are “franchise-changers”. So it’s all about price and need. Luckily, Baltimore doesn’t really need a huge makeover from last year. Some tweaks and tugs should put the Ravens back in contention. The coaching staff received a major uplift and I expect the roster to reflect that.

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