Jacksonville Jaguars enhance gameday exeperience at Everbank Field


Starting in 2014, the way that fans experience games at Everbank Field will be extremely different.

Ground was broken this morning as all the preparation is complete and the installation phase of construction of the world’s largest HD LED video displays is underway. In recent weeks, constructions crews stripped seats out of a good portion of the North End Zone to make way for a new interactive fan area.

According to the team’s press release, the north end zone will have a new fan area that will occupy roughly 42,000 square feet and aside from the new video board, feature a large two-level deck with cabana-style seating, bars and two large spa-type wading pools…. yes, that’s right, a pool in the end zone of the stadium.

Some parts of the fan zone will be strictly for private events and others will be available for fans who sit in the regular bowl seats. Below is a picture of what the North End Zone should look like upon completion. Portable food and beverage carts as well as sun shades and restroom facilities are all expected to be in the fan zone as well.


Hunt + Elkins, a joint venture, is the construction manager for the stadium project, Haskell Architects and Engineers, P.A. is the designer for the scoreboard construction and provider of the steel structure of the scoreboards and Daktronics is creating the video boards.

Each video display board covers more than 21,700 square feet as it measures 60 feet high by 362 feet wide with 13mm HD pixel spacing. Along with the new end zone video boards, each of the four displays in the corners of the stadium are being upgraded as well. Each corner display board will be approximately 18 feet high by 32 feet wide and with 15mm HD pixel spacing. Two additional displays will be installed above each tunnel at opposite corners of the stadium measuring 6 feet high by 24 feet wide and will also feature a 15mm HD pixel layout.


If you wish to watch the construction as it unfolds and are unable to make it to the stadium, don’t worry, the team has launched a live cam where you can watch all the excitement happen.

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